2023 Midwest Academy Awards: Climate Justice Alliance

2023 Midwest Academy Awards: Climate Justice Alliance

Climate Justice Alliance’s powerful organizing and movement building work has been instrumental in applying an intersectional framework to the climate crisis on a community level. In 2013, Climate Justice Alliance emerged from a three-year process of grassroots groups and movement organizations in the racial, environmental, and economic justice spaces working together for global climate justice. They are an alliance of 89 urban and rural frontline communities focused on the social, racial, economic and environmental justice issues of climate change. The racial and economic justice organizations involved in Climate Justice Alliance have won significant victories against polluting and extractive industries.

Currently, they are working toward a goal of supporting and mobilizing more than 100 million people, many living near toxic, climate polluting energy infrastructure. Their organizing, mass direct action, electoral work, cultural revival, and policy advocacy work is winning many hard-fought victories and changing our world for the better.

We are honored to be joined by Ozawa Bineshi Albert, Climate Justice Alliance’s Co-Executive Director, who will be accepting the award. For over 30 years, Bineshi Albert has been a leader in the fight for environmental justice and Native/Indigenous Rights. She has also been part of many pivotal movement building and multicultural spaces throughout her career. Her TED Talk advocating for climate policy work to center around frontline leaders provides a path forward for making the urgent changes we need to make to regenerate our environment. Bineshi comes from a long line of organizers and justice seekers, who have stood up for what’s right for many generations! Bineshi’s unwavering commitment to creating a better world makes her one of the most outstanding and committed leaders of our time.

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