2023 Midwest Academy Awards: JANE

2023 Midwest Academy Awards: JANE

(aka, JANE Collective)

We are deeply honored to celebrate the work of the heroic women who formed and operated an underground abortion service in Chicago when abortion was illegal with no exceptions in most states. The women of the JANE Collective provided life-saving services from 1969-1973 to over 11,000 women despite the fact that Illinois law considered abortion a felony. The group not only provided safe abortions, but treated the people they served with respect and support. In 1972, one of the JANE Collective apartments was raided by police. Seven members of the collective were arrested and charged with crimes carrying a maximum prison sentence of 110 years. When the Supreme Court struck down most abortion restrictions with their Roe V Wade decision in 1973, the charges against the JANE Collective were dropped.

With Roe v Wade overturned, the words of Heather Booth, the founder of the JANE Collective and the Midwest Academy are heartbreakingly poignant, “in the face of an unjust law, you need to take action to challenge it.”

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