2023 Midwest Academy Awards: Starbucks Workers United

2023 Midwest Academy Awards: Starbucks Workers United

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We are so inspired by Starbucks Workers United! While Senator Bernie Sanders questions Howard Schultz about his anti-union actions, members of Starbucks Workers United continue their just campaign to win their union.

On August 23rd, 2021, 50 Starbucks workers in Buffalo, NY, wrote the first “Dear Kevin” letter to former Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, announcing their intention to organize. Since then, more than 7,500 workers at over 280 stores in the US have won union elections.

In March 2023, workers from more than 100 stores walked out ahead of the annual shareholder meeting to protest the company’s aggressive anti-union efforts. The workers risk being fired, having their benefits withheld, their schedules cut and other forms of retaliation. Despite the retaliation, Starbucks Workers United continues to grow and inspire workers in other retail stores to fight for fair wages and just treatment by organizing. These workers are so determined and we are truly in awe of their powerful organizing for justice. In their statement of principles, they state that, “We believe that the best way to truly inspire and nourish the human spirit is to organize for greater justice, greater equality, and a greater vision of what life can be….” With their vision and organizing, we know a different world is possible.

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