Campaign Organizer – Parent Organizer

Campaign Organizer – Parent Organizer

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Purpose: The role of the Campaign Organizer assigned to parent organizing is to help parents organize alongside childcare workers and build statewide power in Illinois. This will be done through building regional parent committees; parent political education and leadership development; and executing a strategy that includes direct action, legislation, and other tactics.

Duties & Responsibilities:

A Campaign Organizer performs a wide range of duties. Examples of duties and responsibilities of a Campaign Organizer assigned to parent organizing are listed below:

Build support for organizing efforts amongst workers, parents, community members and others.
Build and support Organizing Committees through which workers and parents can exercise leadership in campaigns.
Develop parents and workers to become capable of executing important organizing roles ensuring members grow, learn and lead.
Help to design and conduct workshops and presentations that educate parents and community members about origins of our childcare crisis and prepare parents and members to lead elements of the campaign.
Develop and execute parent actions that leverage our targets to move our campaign objectives forward.
Develop members to become capable of executing important union organizing roles ensuring members grow, learn and lead.
Effectively communicate and promote the Local’s vision and mission
Mobilize parents and workers and coordinate organizing meetings, actions, and other activities
Execute campaign strategy in partnership with other key staff and coalition partners.
Participate in a wide variety of campaign models and settings.
Other Duties as assigned.
Scope and Nature of Supervision: A Campaign Organizer must be able to organize their time, develop and carry out plans with minimum supervision. They must also be able to receive direction from and interact with their immediate supervisor or other leads as needed.

Position Length: 2 years

Other Expectations: Campaign Organizers are expected to lead by example. It is the role of the Campaign Organizer to provide model behaviors and guidance of what is expected as a Leader in our Union. Organizers must work with racially and ethnically diverse workers in both cities and in rural areas. They must be able to respect, learn from, and lead women, people of color, low-wage workers, and others. All staff are expected to respect the processes of the organization and to work within the framework of the organization to resolve internal disputes and issues.

Key Qualification Criteria:

Commitment to progressive social change, social, economic, and racial justice and high level of dedication to building working-class power and transforming our childcare system.
Experience with community or labor organizing and knowledge of the labor movement and other social justice advocacy groups.
Sound interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to establish and cultivate respectful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
Sound organizational skills to manage and prioritize work subject to deadlines in a dynamic and changing environment, and an ability to troubleshoot issues as they arise, make contingency plans, and adapt plans as needed.
Ability to think strategically, take initiative and be creative in engaging workers in campaigns and provide the support needed to be successful.
Ability to formulate and deliver on short-term and long-term campaign building goals.
Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office, databases and internet or willingness to learn.
A valid driver’s license, car, and car insurance.
Bilingual (English/Spanish or English and another language of the membership) is a plus.
Working Conditions: Campaign Organizers may be required to work long and irregular hours and to work on weekends and holidays when necessary. Campaign Organizers may be required to travel and work on remote campaigns for extended periods.

Salary & Benefits:
The position includes a competitive salary based on experience and a package of benefits that includes paid holidays, paid time off, and health, dental, and vision benefits.

SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana is an equal opportunity employer; people of color and women are encouraged to apply.

SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana employees are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you are not able to receive the vaccine for medical or religious reasons, you may seek approval for an exemption in accordance with applicable organizational processes.

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