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The Civics Center is seeking to hire a cohort of part-time, on-the-ground Organizers to work with us to catalyze high school voter registration through the 2024 presidential election.

Our primary focus regions for hiring are in the following counties: Allegheny, PA; Hamilton, OH; Cuyahoga, OH; Milwaukee, WI; Dane, WI; Orange, CA; and Los Angeles, CA.

The goal of our Organizers will be to activate, train, and support young people and educators to run student-led, adult-supported voter registration drives. To do this, they will:
Fall 2023: Collaborate with local partner organizations and student leaders to plan, organize, and recruit students and educators to a kick off convening

Winter 2023/2024: Co-host a convening to activate young people and educators to run voter registration drives and participate in a region wide high school voter registration drive competition

Spring 2024: Work with local partner organizations to provide ongoing support and resources to support high school voter registration drives and manage the reporting and data to inform a healthy, region-wide high school voter registration competition.

Summer/Fall 2024: Gear up and support additional events to support high school voter registration and GOTV efforts.

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