We train organizers with time-tested tools that build people power, grow strong organizations and governing majorities, and transform communities.

Our Trainings

We believe organizing is both a science and an art, and that there are fundamental principles and techniques that organizers should practice and master. We’ve spent the past 50 years ensuring organizers develop the concrete skills, aligned with a vision for justice, needed to build democratic organizations, governing majorities, and powerful social movements. 

Whether in person or online, our methodology seeks to create a learning community with varied exercises that speak to the different ways participants engage with the material.

Organizing for Justice

A 4-day training focusing on organizing skills, political analysis, and personal strategies for organizers looking for their work to be both effective and sustainable. More »


Supervising Organizers

A 3-day training designed to address the needs and challenges of new and seasoned supervisors of organizers who want to align their role with their vision for justice. More »

Training photo of a person creating a strategy chart on poster paper at a Midwest Academy training in Chicago, Sept 2022

Supervising Cohorts: Communities of Practice

For supervisors who have completed our Supervising Organizers training, these communities of practice allow for an ongoing space to meet with like-minded people and build upon the 3-day training. More »

Organizing for Justice: Part 2

Continue to add to your organizing toolbox with our part two training. More »

A group of participants in a bright event space in Atlanta.

Organizarse para la Justicia: Habilidades Esenciales

Nuestra formación organizativa de 4 días, ¡totalmente en español! More »


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