Strategy, training, and customized support programs for organizations working towards justice. 


Custom Training with Adhilkaar

We work directly with organizations to identify needs and current roadblocks to achieving organizing and policy goals. Our training is designed to deepen your staff’s skills and knowledge of organizing, to help identify your organization’s struggles and strengths; to challenge assumptions of how to achieve your goals; and to explore how to build successful campaigns within the current social and economic context to achieve concrete goals that result in real change. Custom training is an efficient and hands-on way to take action now to affect the future. 



We view coaching as a powerful, ongoing relationship that supports organizers and strategists in creating tools and habits that facilitate growth, change, and lead to concrete organizing and movement victories. Our coaching is rooted in the belief that strengthening the leadership of people, particularly those impacted by oppression, increases a group’s capacity to be highly strategic and effective over time. Whether it’s a bi-weekly session, monthly check-in, or a few intensive sessions, we work with the participant to develop a coaching plan that will help them achieve their goals.

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