Frequently Asked Questions

What is your sliding scale?
To ensure everyone has access to our training, we have the following sliding scale, based on budget.

Is there a discount for sending more than one person from an organization?
Due to the above sliding scale, we cannot offer an additional discount.

Why can’t I register for a national training?
We have a limit of 3 people per organization, per training date. If you are receiving an error when you register, we likely have 3 registrations from your organization already. You will need to register for a different date.

You might also want to consider reaching out to to discuss whether an organizational training might be a good fit. We have a sliding scale for organizational trainings as well.

I’m on the waitlist – how does that work?
When someone informs us they can no longer make the training they registered for, we reach out to the person at the top of the waitlist (i.e., the person who has been on the waitlist the longest) and work our way down. You will be given a deadline to reply before we move on to the next person on the list.

I can no longer make the training I registered for! What is your refund/credit policy?
We’ll always accept a transfer to another individual within your organization. Just email to request a transfer! Otherwise, the policy depends on the type of training and how much notice we have. Full policy can be found here!

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